A Little Bit About

Long before the days of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram I was in the gym just loving what I was doing. It’s hard to pin point but the concept or thought of becoming stronger, fitter & simply better got me addicted.

Around the age of 14 I found a single 5kg dumbbell in our loft gathering dust so I searched basic dumbbell exercises & I just started working out in my bedroom with this single 5kg dumbbell. It was the furthest thing from state of the art; it wasn’t in a gym for all to see & I certainly couldn’t post it on social media, it was just me & my makeshift work out but I loved it.

Growing up I played Football and dabbled in Athletics on the weekends I didn’t have a Football game. However over and above the standard football & track training I continued to go to the gym & learn more and more about the body and the physiological changes it goes through in response to the various types of training methods.

In 2011 I pursued my education in health and fitness further graduating University with a degree in Sport & Exercise Therapy BSc (Hons). Since then I have had the privileged of working for one of the UKs leading sports nutrition distributors & I currently work for one of the UKs fastest growing sports nutrition brands.

After a few months of work coming out of University I began to help people with their training goals whether it be adding muscle mass, dropping body fat or improving performance & recovery. My passion for helping others started to spiral & since starting work in 2011 I have now worked with over 500 clients seeing all shapes, sizes and fitness goals.

Having an online coach that is in good shape isn't essential, however I want to demonstrate to everybody that I work with that having a busy lifestyle whether it be a demanding job or having children to look after doesn't have to compromise having a sustainable and enjoyable fitness plan.