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May 25, 2018
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20 Minute Challenge! | May 18

For this metabolic circuit you’ll need a partner of a similar fitness level to yourself.

Whilst one of you rows, the other incline walks on the treadmill. Set the incline walk pretty steep and to a brisk walking pace.

As soon as the treadmill starts, the clock is ticking! Whilst one is incline walking, the other person on the rower has to row 50 calories as quickly as possible, as soon as they hit 50 calories, swap stations with your partner. They now have to hit 50 calories whilst you take over on the treadmill… You get the idea…

There’s 4 sets to complete each, so in total you’ll both burn 200 calories on the rower & have 4 periods of incline walking too!

Target to complete this in under 20 minutes! If you can do this, you’re doing alright!

Good luck!

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