High Intensity Chest Day | July 18
July 12, 2018

Good Old Bi’s & Tri’s

I don’t usually do isolated Bicep and Tricep work too often but after a week of focusing on Eccentrics in my other sessions, my body is still recovering so I through in an isolated arm workout…


Exercise 1 –

Banded Tricep Push Downs 3 x 30 Reps

I used Primal Strength Purple 32mm bands for this… Stand under the band and push down & ensure you lock out… Keep the reps nice and sharp to really warm up the elbow joint


Exercise 2 –

Barbell Curls 2 x 12 – Light Weight, just to get blood into the working area

Barbell Curls + Band Tension 3 x 12 Reps – Explode on the concentric phase, then hold for a split second & slowly lower for 2 seconds… I used the Primal Strength Black Band 22mm (looped over the band and then I stood on the other end of the band)


Exercise 3 –

Tricep Dumbbell Roll Backs 2 sets 12 Reps – I used 17.5kg dumbbells for this and had a 2 second eccentric. Aim to keep the elbows narrow throughout the full movement.

To finish, I did another 2 sets but on 20kg, I did around 6 reps (then failed), then went onto 5-6 partial reps, again keeping the elbow narrow & trying to flex and contract at the triceps (this burns like HELL)…


Exercise 4 –

Hammer Curls Supersetted with Dumbbell Curls

3 sets, 10/10 Reps.

Perform the hammer curls on a heavy weight, don’t worry too much about the eccentric on this, just move the heavy weight with the best form possible. Then take some lighter dumbbells, sit on a bench, whilst holding the dumbbells, turn your palms facing outwards and curl. allow a 3 second eccentric on this. When you curl the dumbbells your arms should be pointing outwards.


Exercise 4 –

Overhead Tricep Extension 4 sets, 15 Reps

Use the double rope attachment, keep the back straight & your elbows high. Flex at the triceps and allow a 1-2 second eccentric.


Exercise 5 –

Laying Cable Hammer Curls. 3 sets 10 reps

Use the double rope extension, keep your elbows in contact with the floor and curl. Hold the contraction isometrically at the top of the movement for a split second, then slowly lower for 2 seconds (eccentric)

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