Thick Triceps | Jun 18
June 7, 2018
Good Old Bi’s & Tri’s
August 13, 2018

High Intensity Chest Day | July 18

Warm Up – 3 x 20 Inc Dumbbell Press

Exercise 1

Inc Hammer Press 4 x 8 (Heavy) + 3 Second Eccentric + 2 Sec Pause at the bottom

30 secs rest in between sets


Exercise 2

Peck Deck – 4 sets, 8 Reps – Isometric Squeeze for 3 secs… 2 secs eccentrics

30 secs rest – active stretch in between sets


Exercise 3

JM Press – 5 sets, 10 reps… Light Weight, emphasis on stretch for medial head of tricep

30 secs rest between sets


Exercise 4

Decline Hammer Press – Single Arm (sitting 90 degrees either side so arm comes across chest when you press) – 3 sets, 10 reps on each

Really squeeze the pecks when the arm comes across the body… 1 sec concentric, isometric and eccentric – constant tension here

30 secs rest between sets (be strict here, 30 secs MAX)


Exercise 5

Overhead Tricep Ext (Double Rope Cables)

4 sets, 12 reps

Tense biceps when arm is flexed for optimal stretch of triceps. Fully lock arms out when flexing triceps

40 secs rest BUT isometric contractions of triceps in between sets


Exercise 6

Narrow Grip Bench – 3 sets of 15

Do these in the style of 21’s however do 5 bottom range partials, 5 top range partials then 5 full reps (=15)

Emphasis on pause for each rep… Lower the bar, pause, press, pause, lower the bar, pause, press etc etc..

Do a weight that is challenging but enables you to keep form! Do not distort motor pattern. Keep shoulders retracted when performing!



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