Over the past 18 months I’ve worked (intermittently) with Olympic Gold Medallist & Professional Boxer, Luke Campbell MBE.

It’s been great to work with such an elite athlete and in November (2017) we agreed I’d become a proper part of Team Coolhand.

In November 2017, we took the trip to Miami where Luke bases all of his training camps. The purpose was for me to meet his team out in the states & see how things worked and how the coaches operated. This was hugely beneficial as it allowed us to align the plans over here in the U.K. so everything works in sync going forward.

I am pleased to now be managing Luke’s S&C here in the U.K. as well as being his nutritional and supplement advisor.

The prospect of Luke becoming a World Champion this year incentivises me massively intrinsically. For me, to be a part of a team that helps Luke win a World Title would be a huge success and achievement. At the level Luke is competing every % counts. And by having a clearer strength & conditioning strategy accompanied with fuelling him with the right nutrition at the right times will help contribute those extra few %’s he needs to become one of the world’s best and I’m enthusiastic about being a part of that!