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    Online Programming

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    £24.99 / 4 weeks with a sign-up fee of £99.00

    • Suitable for both Men & Women
    • Welcome all levels of fitness
    • No cancellation fee
    • New program each month
    • Ongoing 24/7 online support
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    The Program Explained

    The Online Fitness Programming delivers both nutritional & training elements & unlike many online programs, this program is tailor made for you, your fitness goals & is made to fit into your lifestyle.

    The Set Up

    To be able to create a bespoke plan I require some information from you. Once you have signed up to the program you’ll receive a questionnaire. This enables me to gather all of the relevant information I need to be able to make the program tailored for you. Once the questionnaire has been completed and returned I can begin. The turn around time on all programs can be up to 72 hours.

    Set Up Fee – £99.00

    The Ongoing Program

    Once you’ve received the program, the journey begins. At this point most clients pose the “how long will it take” question.

    One thing we MUST acknowledge is that this is YOUR journey, nobody else’s. The duration will be dictated by the status of your starting point & the type of goal you wish to accomplish therefore it is subjective to the persons scenario.

    The USP about this program is that it doesn’t specify a start & end date which most programs do. I call these A to B programs. These create a perception that programs and good eating habits should be short term. This creates Yo-Yo dieting & can develop quite resentful relationships with certain foods & eating habits.

    This program is all about sustainability and building for the long-term. It’s my objective to make seamless amendments along the journey so they almost take effect without you knowing. As time passes, your body will adapt, your nutrient timing will improve, your cognitive function will be more optimal & you’ll adopt a better structure to not only eating & exercising but also living.

    Each month you will receive an amended nutrition program & a completely new training program which supports progress towards your goals. This allows us to keep the program fresh & interesting. In addition, it doesn’t let the body accommodate & settle. The nutritional and training amendments trigger a new stimulus’ to ensure the body keeps adapting & is receptive to change.

    Ongoing Monthly Fee – £24.99

    The Ongoing 24/7 Online Support

    I’m passionate about helping you achieve your goal which brings me onto the support mechanisms I have in place for you whilst on the program. It’s never a case of sending you the program & saying “I’ll see you in a month, good luck” – I encourage you to send me weekly or bi-weekly updates so I can track & review progress. In addition, you have complete access to me as an online coach. I urge you to email me whenever you have a question or query.

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    1 review for Online Programming

    1. rebecca_beardon (verified owner)

      Online coaching with Josh has finally made me feel in control of my body , it’s easy to follow , keeps me motivated and I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in.
      I finally feel like my body is being pushed to its full potential and Josh’s knowledge , support and motivation has kept me on track without making me feel like I can have the odd indulgence.
      Signing up has been the best thing I’ve ever done!

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