So, what actually is an online coach


An online coach can be extremely helpful when looking to achieve a certain fitness goal.


Every client needs to have a bespoke plan. As an online coach, I ensure I offer a completely tailor-made solution to all clients.


For the large majority of my clients, they don’t want to train 6 day a week and eat chicken and veg every day – they want to enjoy their lives!


Whilst nutrition and fitness may be higher up in the hierarchy of importance for some people, for the majority of people, it’s not! People have jobs, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, kids etc – gym and nutrition falls down on that list of importance.


It’s my job to do the leg work & find a solution that enables them to eat better, train smarter whilst still enjoying the things they love doing!


An online coach should be able to understand the client, acknowledge what’s important to them, listen to them & build a comfortable plan around that which is flexible & easy to achieve. It’s my job to make it as easy as possible for the client.


On top of this, an online ‘coach’ should do exactly that; COACH the client.

Obviously paying for an online coaching service won’t last forever (nor do I want it to). It’s my job to educate my clients along the way and show them how to be smarter with their nutrition, be able to think on their feet & adapt.


We see people ‘yo-yo’ dieting all the time, dropping a lot of weight, then ballooning it back on again; this is due to 2 things;

  1. Their routine/ program in the first place wasn’t sustainable
  2. The lack of education, understanding and ‘know how’


I want to deliver both factors so that when my clients make changes, they keep them!


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