Until recent years supplements have been deemed a little alien to the masses. Maybe “alien” is a tad strong but people who had a really keen interest in fitness and nutrition were deemed a little odd. The moment I started to deviate from legacy dietary habits e.g. 3 meals per day made my parents feel uncomfortable.

I remember when I bought my first tub of protein back when I was 15 as I’d recently got ‘the bug’ for fitness. Back then supplements weren’t what they are today so I literally took 2 products (which funnily enough are 2 of my staple products today!) – Whey Protein and Creatine Monohydrate.

As a general rule of thumb, I’d have 1 whey shake on rest days, and 2 shakes on training days. Likewise for Creatine; 1 serving (5g) on non training days and 2 servings (10g) on training days.

As I had a keen interest, I had researched the products; whey was a derivative of milk (simply the protein element of milk, then purified several times to make easily digestible) and creatine was a performance based product, which at the time was associated with building mass. Creatine had solid research behind its effectiveness and I also knew it naturally occurred in the body through eating things like Steak too. So, all in all, I knew these things were “good for me” in moderation. My mum however thought I was odd; “when are you going to just eat normal?” (as she fed my sisters chicken dippers and curly fries lol.)

As time went on, as I had a passion for sports nutrition and the science for how it affected the human body physiologically, I stumbled across a brand on the rise – PhD Nutrition. It had white bodied tubs with clinical, really cool silver lids. I was into it right from the off.

The first PhD Nutrition product I tried was the Pharma Whey in Strawberry (known now as Pharma Whey HT+) and WOW, the taste was incredible, the nutritionals were sound! They had me!

I felt like I had found a brand that cared for sports nutrition and wanted to create innovating products which was exactly what I was into at the time; the perfect match.

Since then, (many years since then) I have used various brands and products along my fitness journey and even before I was an ambassador of PhD Nutrition, I always found my way back to the brand (to be honest, I never left). I tried other products on the market but I never bought into the brand nor what their message was. PhD stood for something that I understood & appreciated so to this day I STILL take PhD Nutrition.

It’s no coincidence that PhD Nutrition have expanded as a business and are now one of the UK’s leading brands. A fully comprehensive range that accommodates all user types with nutritionally sound and great tasting products.